Techniques for writing your texts

OK, now that you have your design, you have to work on your content. Write the right kind of content is not a foregone conclusion, that is why we will look at some key points together in this article.

It's fine to have a great site design, but the design is not everything. The way you structure your content will play a crucial part in your site. Once you have determined your pages, it's time to run neurons. There are codes that are used today to create web content. Creating content is not an easy task. It has to be simple, readable and attractive.

Let's start with the home page. This page will be your most important page. Showcase your site somehow. If you do not treat this page, if you have neglected your spelling if the fleet text everywhere, there are chances that your client may leave your site as quickly as it has come!

How to do?

First if you have already made business cards, flyers, posters ... stay on the same thread. Your customers must recognize your site. it is important to use the same types of catching phrases, the same type of vocabulary, etc.

Your home page should include the 5 essential information:

- Your Offer
- About you and your
activity - What is the difference between your business and other
- Your references/ last
projects - How to obtain information/ products

Of course, you can add more information to it all. In the order of the above information, you are sure that your customers will not be lost. The final drank being to direct your customers to your payment page or pick up the phone to make an appointment with you.

"Less is more"! do not spread on endless texts. Promote sentences short and precise. Every second counts, make sure important information is highlighted directly.

Your offer

Your bid is placed on top. Usually accompanied by images, the offer must be simple and well turned. This section at the top of your site should also contain a "call to action" button that must be quite visible. Once your visitor has understood what it is, it is important to provide access directly to your products page or offer through this button.

About your business

Now that you have your job you need to talk to you. To find inspiration, imagine you are a visitor to your site. What are the interesting information that I will need to know?

What is the difference between your offering and that of another

Usually accompanied by small icons, highlighting your company column structure and explains briefly why you should choose this company over another.

Your reference/ latest projects

References are often structured with columns. It is important that your customers can see what you do. The quality of your work in pictures is proof! Do not hesitate to take pictures by a professional.

How to learn

Once your customers know they took your homepage. It is time to make contact. Nothing better than a marketing insert with a button "call to action" type "contact us" or "see our products."

Last but not least, the footer

Many people forget. Yet the footer is very important. It allows placing elegantly address of your head office, a secondary menu that will allow your customers to navigate without having to remonstrate top, links redirecting pages on your social networks, etc. this element is often characterized by a strong color that ends the site.

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