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About tools

How to add content?

Add content to your theme is very simple. Move your mouse to where you want to add a content item, click and choose a type of content from the content menu.

What are the tables?

Tables are used to add content (text, images, videos ...). To add a table, click in a blank area of ​​your site and click the "add a picture"

How to change a background image?

You can change your background image by clicking the cog icon to the right of your screen. With the options palette, set your background image in seconds.

How to upload my site?

Once you've finished customizing your site, click the button "on line" located in the top bar. Go to your site through the link provided in the notification window.

About designs

What's a responsive website

Responsive site is a site that adapts to various formats of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. All our themes are pre-designed to automatically adapt to mobile devices.

How can I customize my theme?

With Webgenie tools, you can customize the colors, text, images and position of content elements in your site.

What if I do not have a logo?

You do not have a company logo? No problem ! Create a logo with our online logo design service

How to choose the right theme?

We created topics with pages and content adapted to all types of activities. Choose a topic in the field of your choice and add your personal touch.

About domain names

Can I buy a domain name?

We do not sell domain names. Domain names are included in the package "Starter" or "Professional" (see page " Our packages .")

How do domain names?

Passing on a professional package, you can choose a domain name. Once you have booked your domain name, it will be automatically linked to your theme. So you can access your site directly with your domain name.

About packages

How to walk the payments?

You can opt for a monthly or annual payment. There is no commitment, you can cancel your plan at any time.

What are the benefits of an annual fee?

By opting for an annual fee, you get a discount of 15%. By opting for a package of 2 years, you get a discount of 25%.

How do I cancel my service?

Cancellation is very simple. Simply send us an email and send us your request. Our team will change from canceling your service.

Place a Starter package a package Pro?

You can switch package "Starter" in a package "Professional" at any time. Simply go to the "My Package" in your client account.

How do I get my bill?

Your invoice will be available in your account. You will also find other information and options that will serve you throughout the creation of your website.

Can I get a pro domain name?

Yes, with a package "Starter" or "Professional", you can choose a custom domain name that will be associated with your website.

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