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Our goal to offer you a simple site creation service internet and suitable for all!

Whether you are a professional, an individual, a blogger or simply want to create a website, Webgenie is for you! Webgenie is a project that took shape with the creation of logogenie.fr, an online logo creation website. We thought that was the next logical Webgenie to offer a complete package: logo design&website. Webgenie is the result of an alliance of engineers passionate about creating websites. The general idea is to offer a simple and affordable service by eliminating barriers in terms of technology and design.

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Damien Peillon, Antoine Rieul Florian Delpech

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You propose a site creation service innovative online. Our team works tirelessly to improve our tools. We attach great importance to your comments and do our utmost to offer you a service tailored to your needs.

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