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How to create a free website?

With, you can create your free website at any facility. You only pay the accommodation of € 9.95 or € 19.95 depending on the package chosen.
You should know that a traditional invoice in general web agency more than 50 € per month for hosting your site.
We answer in our article, your questions about creating your website on

Do I have computer skills to create a website?

No! You do not have computer skills needed to create a website on ! Anyone can create a website for free on, regardless of occupation or level of education. was thought to be used intuitively. There are no complicated interfaces. Everything is done visually by clicking the places you want to change.
In addition, you benefit from our library of free images to enhance your website.

Unlike CMS (content management system) that were designed primarily for developers or by following the old Internet principles facelift. All developments have been designed for users with no technical knowledge .
Better than that ! You more freedom in creating your content . You are no longer restricted to one or two models of pages, you can make it unique each page of your website very easily.

We also take care of the reservation and configuration of your domain name and hosting your site . This area is very technical, it is sometimes charged very expensive web.
agencies We guarantee a persistently low prices for higher quality classic accommodation

What do I need?

You need only a computer with web browser (Internet Explorer, IE Edge, Chrome, Firefox ...) and a internet . You do not need to download software, everything is done by
the web browser.

The site's creation is completely free . You do not need to advance fee to create your website. If your website please, you can choose accommodation, otherwise nothing will be asked.

Question time, depending on your creativity and the number of pages you want to create. A website containing only a showcase home page with the main information can be created in less than an hour.
Instead, a site with ten pages may take two or three days to finish. You do not have to do everything at once to upload your website.

You can create the home page your company's website , then gradually add different pages further describing your business. If after a few months your website will please more, you can edit to infinity at any time without additional cost .

What are the steps of creating a website?

Creating a website is very fast with Follow these steps and in less than a day, you will have your professional website.

1 - Choose a theme

First, choose a theme from the list of our website themes by clicking here. Choose the theme you like the most visually.
Indeed, each theme can be changed entirely. This is not parceque'il seems made for that activity can not be used for another activity.
For example, our theme oriented building can be used for the presentation of a project by modifying only the great background image.
It is necessary that the choice of the theme of your website is the one you like the most structurally and visually. We will see later how to change various elements
your site to match your most active.
Once your theme, enter your email address and password. It should be noted that information because you will need to reconnect to your website in order to make changes in the future.

2 - Write and structure his lyrics

Your website theme is selected, you are now on editing your website. Each text you see can and should be changed by you. To edit text,
click on the text in question and click "Edit Text" in the range of options that appears.
There are different types of text. There are titles and text blocks. This will allow to structure the pages of your website. Each page should have at least one title "king" and one or more
title "great" (see the titles of options).

A user rarely spends much time on a website . He must quickly find what he came looking. So be accurate and make easily accessible key information to your website .

Our themes are designed to meet this requirement. So you will find usually one or two big buttons to go into the thick of it on your home page.
Remember that the ranking of your site is optimized, your pages should have a minimum of verbatim content. You can check if your pages respect this minimum in the category
SEO your account.

writing your text, you can inspire yourself from your competitors, but it is very important to do not duplicate their texts . The text of duplicate is severely punished by
engines Research with Google. Take therefore the general idea, the theme of the content of your competitors, but write your own text .

We also recommend this article to learn how to optimize a page for SEO

3 - Change its Image

Images are important to give a style to your website . All images of our themes have been chosen in our free stock images. To present your company or your product
please find the perfect images for your site in the library. If you need very specific image of your company, employee, or products, it is recommended
a professional photographer who will take pictures in the right shades of colors.
Indeed, it is best to choose images recalling the colors of your website.
In the picture library, you can easily add and crop images from your computer.

In the editing your website , you will have to place two types of images. The images of content and images funds.
Content images illustrate your paragraphs of text.
You can add a picture content by clicking the button "Add Item" to the desired location, then selecting "Image" from the palette that appears to the left of the screen.
Funds Images are for their modifiable in the red that is just right for different parts of your site. A fund-image automatically take the width of your screen.
You can add a color filter in the image options.

If you do not find what you are looking for in the images made available in our library, there are Many libraries of free images .

Below, some of these libraries:

If you shoot images in Google Image, always keep in mind that images are not always royalty free . If this is not explicitly marked, you can contact the administrator of the site where the image appears to know if she is royalty free.

4 - Add new items, to restructure its taste

The contents of the website are structured table. When you hover over the content, you have a gray box that appears with a small wheel on the right. To edit a table
content, simply click on this train. You can then add or remove columns and/ or change the width of these.

Now that you know contained create different zones, you can add content by clicking the "Add Item" green that appears at the mouse-over between two elements or empty.
areas When you click on "Add Item", a palette containing the various available modules appears on the left of the screen. Then select the item to add.
The elements available are:

Title The securities to structure the text of your pages. Different sizes of title are available. They are very important for SEO.
Each title should be thought to contain targeted keywords. Indeed, the words in the titles have more weight than the words present in the text.

text : This is the core content of your website. Your pages must always have a minimum content to be properly referenced. They should be well written, with a minimum of spelling errors.

Image You want to add a picture next to your text? This is the module for you! Remember to remain consistent with the overall design of your website. You can directly crop an
image in our library to keep similar dimensions.

button : The buttons allow to put links to other pages. You can easily change their appearance in the options. Note that you can also directly insert links into
your content blocks.

Icon : You have a large choice of icon to illustrate your texts. You can change the size and color of your icons.

Splitter separators are used to add dividing lines between different parts of your website, but also to highlight how design your titles


Form You can create forms so people contact you or for more specific requests as requests for quotes.
You receive contact requests directly in your mailbox and in the administration of your website.

Menu Menus are used to make available the various pages of your site. You can also use the buttons to redirect to different pages of your website.

Slideshow slideshows (spider English) allow scrolling promotional images. You can add text and a link to each slide in your slideshow.

Carousel These are used to put side by side several small images. For example in the presentation of partners of your website.

Image Gallery These are used to display multiple images. In offline mode, you can zoom in on the images by clicking on them.

Video This module allows you to share on your website a video from YouTube. just copy the YouTube video URL to share the options of the video.

list articles You can view your items in list form through this module. The lists of items are automatically updated in the publication of an article.

Story allows displaying some defiant testimony from left to right. You can set a photo, a text and a link to a testimony.

Social Network: allows users to share your page on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest ...

Social link: This module is used to populate the links of your pages on different networks. Thus a user wishing to follow you on Facebook
For example we will click on the Facebook link for this module.

Gmap This module allows you to display a map from google map with the location of your business


5 - Create and edit pages

If the theme of the database pages chosen does not suit you, you can create new pages using the "My Page" menu in the top bar. You will be redirected to the new page to edit.

A newly created page will be automatically added to your main menu. If you do not want it to appear in your main menu, click on it and uncheck the box next to your new page.
To create the page, if you set a page relative to the page, it will be displayed in the submenu of its parent page.
Feel free to be inspired by the structure of the pages already present in your chart.
If you want to remove a page, you must click on the little red cog right of the page in the menu "My Pages" and "Delete".

You can also view the structures of our themes by clicking on "View online demo" and reproduce the pages you like on your website.

The structure of a page of your theme please, but not its name? you can rename this page by clicking the cog as for deletion and clicking "Rename".

6 - Write a blog/ newsfeed

To loyal readers and regularly publish articles to improve your SEO, you can make a blog/ wire news on
For that, create articles by clicking on the menu "My articles" in the top bar. You can store your items in different categories.
Then create a page "Blog" for example by clicking on the menu "My Pages" in the top bar. Then add a list of items in the newly created page.
In the options of the list of items, you can change the appearance list, the number of characters and the category to display.

You can make lists of articles on different topics. For example on we have a list of items for design advice, a list for SEO, one for
tutorials ... Do not hesitate to create many articles in various topics.
The content will be your best SEO lever. It should always be well written and with minimal spelling errors.
To avoid misspellings, there are many automatic correction very powerful.

To be effective and well referenced, it is recommended that post at least two articles per week to 300 words (news, new ...) and an article by months therefore a
least 1,000 words (tutorials, demonstrations ...).

If you often share videos, you must also put a text describing or commenting on this video in order to increase the weight of your page.

7 - Adding image galleries

Internet users are fond of pictures . You can easily create image galleries by clicking on the button "Add Item" and then selecting "Image Gallery" in the palette that appears.
The images are clickable in unconnected mode. It may well zoom in on an image and scroll through the images in the gallery. It can change with the options of the gallery, and the number of online
column of the gallery.

How to connect their site to social networks?

In 2016, everyone uses social networks, be it professional or personal.
Social networks have become important for any business, agency or even for yourself. Why is this important?
They enable increase visibility on the web to create a certain brand recognition in question, increase products or services for sale, and finally increase your notoriety because it is essential.
By using social networks, you have to show your commitment, this commitment shows that your customer is important and you are also listening it.
Here's how to have a good presence on social networks:

1. Engage in conversations with customers, ask creative questions.
2. Set up contest, it was more fun.
3. N 'free to create a diverse and original content.
4. Do not be afraid to use images or quotes, it always speaks on social networks people respond more to images or videos. Throw yourself.
5. Never give your frequencies publications this may result in decrease of commitment from your subscribers and take a hit to your reputation.

In order to link your website to social networks, offers two modules:

Social Allow users to share your page on different social networks


Social link: This module is used to populate the links of your pages on different networks. Thus a user wishing to follow you on Facebook for example we will click on the Facebook link for this module.

To add any of these modules, click the button "Add a " to the desired location.

How to publish the site on the internet?

To publish its internet website and have its own domain name is very easy. If you are the publisher of your site, you can click "on line" in the upper right. You can also
access the different accommodations by clicking "reserve a domain name " to the right of the thumbnail of your site in your account.
Then choose your package between the individual package and the professional package. The professional package allows the creation of more pages and provided assistance to SEO.

1 - Choose a domain name

After clicking "Choose a domain name", fill in the domain you've chosen for your site. Warning your domain name might already be taken. You will then
find another name areas approaching that previously selected.
If you have already purchased your domain name to another provider, you can do on your site redirect Webgenie internet. For this, fill the second field available.
Attention, it can take up to 48 hours before that domain is active .
When choosing your domain names, follow these tips:

- If your site is intended for an audience of a certain country , choose the extension of the domain name corresponding to that country (eg .com for France). If, however, your site is intended to several countries
then prefer the .com extension.
- Your domain name should not be too long and easy to remember . We must be able to hold your domain name in a look.
- It must be easy to pronounce . Otherwise you will have trouble communicating it.
- Do not use a brand already known in your domain name
- Avoid hyphens
- If you can, add the keyword defining your site in your domain name
- Buy your domain for several years

If you want detailed information about the domain names, you can refer to the .

2 - choose a time hosting

Once your chosen domain name, you can choose a month hosting a month or a year or more. Choose accommodation on a full year entitles you to 10%
discount. Furthermore you no longer risk forgetting to extend your subscription each month.
Finally proceed to the payment of accommodation. Our payments are safe by mercanet. - BNP Paribas

According to the progress of your project, you can initially choose a hosting short (less than a month), then once the project is launched, choose a hosting duration
longer (1 year or 2 years).

How to improve the SEO of my site?

is optimized for SEO . We cache server side each page of your site, we automatically optimize your images, we group
JavaScript and CSS resources into single files that we compress ... All these optimizations enable referencing be sites faster than 88% of sites on the internet .

But these optimizations are not everything! It is also up to you to write your pages properly so that they are relevant and back into the top positions of search engines.
For your convenience, we have developed intelligent robot that will scan your pages and give you the improvements . This analysis is only possible in our professional package.

We post regular articles to improve the ranking of your website in our "SEO". Learn how to write good content referencing, how to write
different tags related to SEO, how to structure your website using titles, images and paragraphs of text ...
By following the guidelines of our articles, you will be in a few months in the first pages of search engines such as Google or bing.

Is it possible to have a professional email?

You can create a business address like " " easily from your account within the "My e-mails." Follow our tutorials to use this email address in Gmail or Outlook.

Do you make regular updates?

We update all about 15 days . These updates can: fix bugs, improve security and add new features Updates are automatically applied .
without action on your part.
The changes concern the addition of new modules. For example a booking module and a live chat module are developments underway and will be available soon.

If I have a problem when creating my website, how to contact support?

You have difficulty when creating your website? No problem, the support is there to help you. You can contact us through our contact form
accessible from the top bar, or you can chat with one of our experts via the cat down right on your screen. Our chat support is available on weekdays throughout the day.
You've finished your website, and want to know what you can improve? We provide a audit (SEO, design ...) to your site for free to help you improve it.

Can we create a site for all trades on

All businesses can use for achieving its website. Whether you are estate agent, roofer, plasterer, midwife, dentist, pizza maker, actor, singer, a hotel, a bar, a restaurant, a security officer, a law firm, a farm, hotel, baby -sitter
... you will always find a theme for your business.

Will I have intrusive ads on my website?

No, unlike our competitors, we do not add not advertise your website , regardless of the form of accommodation chosen.

We will also post any advertising on the administration of your website or

You should know that advertising on a website at multiple negative impacts

1 - The user may leave your website in favor of advertising a competitor appearing on your website.
2 - Google penalizes SEO web posting too much advertising websites.
3 - advertising increases the website and makes it longer to display.
4 - This is rarely profitable. It takes several thousands of visits per day before a reported significant advertising revenue.
5 - The ads are rarely adapted to mobile


Do you offer additional services?

Yes, we also have which in the same principle as allows you to create yourself your company logo, letterhead, stamps , business cards ... in a few clicks .

Becoming a partner also used by web professionals . The creation of a website for an experienced person can take less than a day for a professional result, there or it was before
several weeks to two or three web developers and graphic designer.
The code generated by this engine meets the latest web standards and fully optimized for SEO .
If you want to use for creating customer sites, do not hesitate to contact us. You have discounts from the creation of your second site. is particularly widely used by freelance graphic designers not wanting to waste time on code and complicated hosting.

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