Why create a page on social networks for its website?

Social networks are becoming increasingly important in our daily uses. The first social network Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg there are already twelve, he now has 1.55 billion active users worldwide, including 30 million in France.

The explosion of social networks

The American social network is not the only one to raise the popularity of Internet, social networks of all types continue to grow worldwide. With the explosion of the use of social networks, the corporate world has also paid close attention to this phenomenon are seeing the opportunity to reach a certain closeness with his audience, but also to promote, develop and control its image evoking transparency and dialogue.

It is no longer a secret, social networks have become a key communication channel marketing strategies of companies. So far, communication was mainly unilateral, today, all sectors are affected by this two-way communication. It is important for a company to be present on social networks to:

  • - Monitor and manage their online reputation
  • - Animate community
  • - Retain customers and ambassadors
  • - Improve SEO and visibility


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