Create a childminder website

A childminder your child usually keeps under 6 years old in his home. In order to exercise at home, it must be approved by the General Council.
It must also hold the auxiliary degree childcare, CAP infancy or have followed a training 120 hours.
Before exercising, home must be approved following strict rules to avoid accidents during custody.

Why embark on the creation of its site?

A childminder with experience or starting, must constantly find new customers.
Indeed, to be profitable, it is necessary for a childminder to fill every moment of the day with a maximum of children.
Its scope of attraction can not exceed a few kilometers away. What can make some potential customers in the villages and small towns.
It is therefore essential to be present on the internet to attract young parents looking more and more on the internet and not on the yellow.
pages Moreover, SEO associated with a place as "maternal assistance in Modane" or "Child in Brignais" is easy to obtain.
You can quickly be in first position on keywords related to your workplace.
Today with Webgenie, website costs you less than 10 € per month all inclusive. It would be a shame not the best advertisement for a small price site!

garde enfants

How to create website of childminder?

You can start with the theme "training" that best corresponds to this activity.
Start by replacing the large background image and the introductory text. In the main title, specify who you are, what you do and where you do it.
Thus visitors will first look if it's the service they want.
Then place the three side by side images of pictures of your home will be kept where children: garden, bedroom, dining room ...
In these photos, feel free to call for a keen photographer friends. Indeed, beautiful photos will most want to future customers to use your services.
Finally, add a quick contact form on your home page by using the "form" module.
If you want a simple website, you can stop there and delete the other pages.
But for a better ranking, it is advisable to keep a blog and regularly post news on childcare.
You will find in our section tutorial how to create a blog on Webgenie.

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