Create and design a website for a drone pilot

Today, more and more companies use drone pilots for professional needs. drone pilot is a new profession that emerged there just a few years.

It surveillance installation, mapping, aerial shots for promotion ... It is becoming a profession in its own right.

If you want to become a pilot day drone independent, start today by creating your website to be one of the first and thus a better referenced.

Create its Internet independent drone pilot site

The drone pilot's job is very recent. It is very interesting to create his website today to maximize his chances of being first on the search engines.

In fact, the age of a site in the importance of SEO. There is virtually no competition "old" in the drone piloting the sector.

So you have a real chance of becoming a must in this sector thanks to your website.

Today more and more companies and particular appeal to an independent drone pilot to film events and building.

There are now about 5,000 drone pilots in France. But that number is estimated at 20,000 in a few years.

So now we must seize the opportunity and get started creating his website.

Image de drones

How to create a drone pilot site?

You can easily and freely start creating your website now. Once your site is created, so please, you'll be hosting payable (€ 9.95 or € 19.95 depending on the package chosen).

Start by choosing a theme that fits you. Change the different text and images already.

Remember that a user is little time on a website if it does not find attractive or clear enough.

So you have to put beautiful pictures and be specific about your activity on the first big visible way.

For example, in principal you can put "drone pilot in the Rhône-Alpes region."

Finish filling the pages and your website is ready to be put online!

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