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Creation of e-commerce website

Super tools for creating website!
I started by trying the Wordpress CMS and PrestaShop, but those two there asking too much knowledge to successfully Faie personalized website. I then tried Wixx but this was more the many bugs and lack of support that made me give up.

For cons, I have encountered no problems during the creation of my website on Webgenie.J'ai able to talk to the media directly on Facebook, they respond in less than a day, and that's great! Today 'hui my website made his first sale (after only 1 month) and I am more motivated to continue feeding my site.

I want a goods shop well-being, and the many articles I write on my site e-commerce are increasingly lu.J'ai therefore both a blog and a shop are very complementary. I really advise you to try to create your online store on Webgenie because I'm very satisfaite.J'ai found pity choices ecommerce themes were still quite small, but in the end my site more like the while the theme of which threw the party, this is not very gênant.Si you're like me a little street shop, go for it! With Webgenie your website will cost you almost nothing. And if that does not work or you are more motivated, no commitment.

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