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The wine merchant handles winemaking: Preparation tanks, verification and maintenance of equipment, followed by maceration and fermentation of the grape juice extraction, bottling This is largely thanks to the wine shop and know that generation to generation transmits a wine reaches its reputation.
It sharpens its mixtures in order to always offer the best possible wine. He must therefore possess the nose and a very sensitive palate.
A true entrepreneur, the cellar also supports the marketing of wine.

Create a website for Cellar, yes, but why?

Hear your international reputation for your website. The more you are known in the world, and the demand will be strong.
You'll increase your rates, as demand will become stronger.
In addition to this, your website will showcase your grape. Share photos of your vineyards, your cellar, tell stories.
So your customers will feel closer to your wine to your competitors because they will experience in detail the history of each sip they broieront.
And they will not hesitate to share your stories when they bring your bottle to a meal with friends.
The more you share your wine, and your customers will love.
If you think that creating a website and very expensive or you do not have the technical knowledge to create one yourself, you are wrong!
Our online web site creation tool allows you a few clicks to create your own website.
You only pay the subscription is € 9.9 or € 19.9 per month depending on the choice of your package. You're not sure you want to take the plunge?
Try ! You get 30 days accommodation totally free to create your website. So you have no fees to advance.


How to begin its website?

The theme "Nutrition" provides a good basis to start. Replace different images already by images of your vineyards and your cellars, and your wine.
Tell bits of history on the home page to awaken the curiosity of visitors.
Then create a page "Our History" where you détaillerez in detail the history of your wine.
You can also create articles each year detailing the benefits of each vintage.

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