How to create a website catering

A caterer generally prepares meals for functions such as weddings, funerals, baptisms, anniversaries, inaugurations ...
It has to be stiff and formal and organized to make meals for several hundred guests.
Create a site for a catering has become essential. Indeed, most caterers research is done through the internet.

Why create a website catering?

Very often on his own, a caterer must be visible on the internet if he wants to find enough customers.
quickly created on its website Webgenie is easy and accessible to all. No computer knowledge is required.
Everything is done intuitively using your mouse. No more weeks, or months, without any order, soon it will be yours to refuse customers.
Local SEO on the search engines is very easy with Webgenie.
Moreover, competition between web traders is low. Be one of the first to take the plunge.
With the explosion of mobile and tablets that we know today, tomorrow's customers will not use their devices to do research.
So now, while competition is low, you need to start creating its website.
Our team of experts made unique tools to simplify the SEO of your website.
Also follow our tutorials for writing the pages of your site to know the different techniques to follow to make optimized texts.

site traiteur

Is it easy to create a website catering?

Yes ! Choose one of our themes restoration as the topics "Fast food" or "Nutrition".
Replace existing images for dishes you've made up. Consider using beautiful pictures.
If you have a friend fan of photographs, do not hesitate to call on him to take pictures of your various dishes.
Indeed, the images are the most eye-catching elements of your website.

Once replaced the images and text, you can already upload your website.
But if you want to be well referenced, we recommend to every event that you cover, write an article to this event.
Plus you'll articles with names of places near your home, the more you referenced.

Now it's your turn !

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