How to create my website talent agent

A talent agent supports the careers of artists of all kinds (actor, singer, model, writer) with the aim: to take off their careers .
His daily work? Studying resume, portfolio, models, videos, beginners or unknown manuscripts to identify the potential of a person.
It becomes an intermediary who accompanied the artist throughout his career.
calendar management, appointment, Interview ... The talent agent manages all the artist's schedule to dig him the best appointment.
It also handle the communication around the artist in various media.

Why develop my website talent agent?

In addition to digging up talent on the web, make them come to you. A website will allow you to make yourself known to the various unrevealed to public artists.
You will have through your website an additional source of making contact with artists of all kinds.
In addition, your website is the showcase of your work. If you contact a news agency in an interview with one of your artists, they can see your professionalism through your website.
In addition to collecting talent, you can also provide many tips to your site reader to guide them to success.
Tips, advice, videos become a real reference for new artists of tomorrow.
Feel free not to share the success of different artists that you have taken under your wing to increase the reputation of your site.

How to make my website on Webgenie?

The template "Coach" is most fit for a web talent agent site. However all our templates can be easily modified to fit your business.

Start with the homepage. On this page, you present your business and talents that you manage. You can also get the latest tips of your blog through a list of items.

Then create your "blog" or "advice". In this page, after a short text introductions, list the various tips and tricks that you offer. This part is very important because it is the hard core of your content. And the more content you have, the better you are referenced.

Finally, create a "Contact Me" page, in which artists will contact you to present their work.
Also add any information specific to the contact page: Name, address, phone ...

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