Build a website for my bar

A bar is a sign where you can drink alcohol. The barman or barmaid feminine looks after his customers usually standing behind the bar where all are located its various beverages.
We find according to different types of resort offered cocktails. Each town has its specialties.
To attract more customers, the bars rely heavily on the atmosphere open especially if competition is present in the area.
In Paris, for example, we can see several types of bars like the wine bar, the water bar, oxygen bar or the shisha bar.
Some bars are even further as the Cat Café which offers cats for fun during the time spent in the bar.

Why is it interesting to create a website for my bar?

A website helps to increase awareness of its bar and create additional publicity accessible to all for a very low cost (less than 10 € per month).
Internet users will be able to find your bar through internet and shared photos and events on your website will surely seduce them.
Get to know the different events you offer on your home page and vote loyal customers.
Coupled to social networks, the website is the best way to share and make known his bar.
Whatever your specialty. atmosphere, drinks, entertainment ... share a maximum content in order to properly reference in search engines

How to make my website for my bar?

The theme "Fast food" is a good base to start the website of his bar.

  • On the home page, edit your logo and change the background image to a photo of your bar or a drink image you can find in our library of images.
    Under "About Us", present your bar (atmosphere, places, history ...) and replace the right images by great photos of your bar.
    Below, add a list of items displaying the last 3 items in your "events" so that users can easily access the latest news you offer.
  • Now create the "events." This page will be a list of items or you listerez all events you proposés.Ainsi future customer can easily access past events and realize that your bar is made for him.
  • chain together with the contact page describing all the basic information: a contact form, the location of the facility, opening hours ...
  • Finally, make a page "Our specialties" or you present the different specialties of your bar. Remember to accompany each of these specialties in a beautiful photo.

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