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Making my bodyguard site

The bodyguard, agent or bodyguard protection, ensures personal security of the people who hire . They must respect their privacy and do their job discreetly.
In order to exercise the profession of bodyguard, job training are needed in France. The bodygarde business can be a risky business as it protects the personality.
To do this job you have to be willing to risk his life to save his client.

Why make a site bodyguard internet?

Generally, bodyguards perform fixed-term contracts. It is therefore very wise to make known through a website to more easily find contracts.
Short of owning a "Bodyguard" shop in the street that would be appropriate and very expensive, a website allows you to have a visible storefront internet by thousands of potential.
customers Post videos, advice on different techniques of defense or surveillance to prove to your prospective customers that you are an expert.
Do you also know on social networks by systematically sharing your videos to your professional profile.
What you should know is that the more you write the content on your website and you will be known. Become the personal bodyguard of a movie star thanks to your website.


Creating a website is easy:

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You can use the theme "Coach" for creating your site bodyguard.
Change the images and texts of the home page to match them to your image.
Create a "My advice" or "Blog" where you post your articles.
Within a few minutes you will have a professional and functional website for finding new clients.

Good creation!

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