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Webgenie is the little brother of the already well known engine creation logos. This time Webgenie tackles the creation of websites.
It uses the latest technology in terms of web development.
Thanks to the expertise of our engineers, free yourself of all the steps that slow down the creation of a website development, configuration, installation of the server, testing ...
Webgenie has automated all of these steps completely transparent. You care more than the essentials: creating your website.

Is it easy to use?

All intuivement be using your mouse. Click on an image to edit, click on a text to increase its size or color, click a blank area to add a form ...
You can change everything, even the structure of the site.
With a little practice (a few hours), you will be able to create websites in less than a day against several weeks in a classic development.

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Is the free creation?

Yes, you can create your website for free. You only pay for hosting your site. Less than 10 € per month!
Remodifiez modify your site to the infinite, nothing will be charged. also get the latest modules added as well as security updates added regularly.
Indeed, sites created with CMS such as Joomla, Drupal, or Wordpresse eZpublish are frequently pirated.
Also a site using a CMS is considered obsolete after 3 years, will support more correcting security vulnerabilities in within this period.

Who can use it?

Absolutely everyone, as professional individuals. You only need a computer with an Internet connection and a browser.
With a little creativity, you can make more aesthetic websites that the majority of web sites proposed by an agency.
Do not hesitate to inspire the themes that we have already created!

Most ?

Through our visits interface, you can monitor the number of visitors the last 12 months.
Improve your SEO also following the advice of our support tool referencing in your account.

How it works ?

It is very simple ! Click the button below, choose a theme, enter your login and go!

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