Realize a website for real estate diagnostician

A real estate diagnostician usually occurs before a sale to make a complete assessment on the property.
It controls the presence of asbestos, lead, termites, checks the gas and electricity systems and the smooth operation of elevators and fire.
devices He realizes after his visit a report that the owner should consider for the future sale of his property.
A real estate diagnostician also performs measurements of residential areas for sale.

Why make a website for a real estate diagnostician?

The real estate diagnostician business is still very new and little known. Create its website today will help you be more known to the public.
With a quick search on the web, the owner wishing to sell will fall directly on your website and will be available.
Make a detailed presentation of your business on your home page to immediately make clear to visitors to your site that is good for you they are seeking.

How to make my diagnostician site free?

Choose our theme "Consulting" and "Construction". Replace the default images by real estate.
pictures You can find many images in our free library.
Then create a page diagnostic disputes and write a short paragraph on your homepage about these diagnoses.
Also create articles by taking in these articles the various towns and villages in which you operate.
Better your content and you will be better referenced. Know that it still takes a few months to see the first of his fallen SEO.

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