realize a website for independent stunt

A stuntman is responsible for replacing the actor on a stage with a risk of injury or requiring specific skills (climbing, driving ...).
A stuntman has to be sporty in order to collect the different stunts being asked to achieve.
A stuntman is not involved only in waterfall scenes, it can also intervene in fight scenes, triple gallop on horseback ...
It is there to make the most realistic film. Today, more and more amusement parks also employ stuntmen for the shows they offer.

Create a site stuntman

A stuntman is brilliantly intermittent show. It therefore makes CDD following scenes they are allocated. He must constantly seek new deals to fill his schedule.
A website is a way to present and impress future employers. Share your site different shootings that you have made and what he was asked to do.
Thus, your website will become a true online CV. After a few months you will not have to look for work, the work that will come to you.
In addition to your resume for future employers, your website can also present your business and your personality curious learning about the art of stunt.
To keep you in suspense your visitors with everything you are able to do. More videos you post regularly and your fan club will increase.
With a little luck, you can become a real star of the web like the current youtubeurs.

site cascadeur

How to create a stuntman site?

Choose from topics that are visual structure you like best.
Then replace text and titles of introductions by who you are and what you do.
Also share your best stunts your home page with the video module.
Finally, create a blog for your comment waterfalls and the different techniques that you learned and a contact page so we can contact you easily.

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