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Website design and creation wooden chalets

We created for customers a web creation and design of wooden chalets site.
The website was meant simple, intuitive and effective. So we banned all non-essential pages to the user.
We focused on the heart of business, ie, present the chalets models and house wood frame offered by our client.

How to create a site selling wooden chalets?

For this party we sum on building theme and we adapted the images and texts in the business hour, the design of wooden chalets in Savoy.
The time of creation of this site took us a few hours thanks to the creation of engine Webgenie websites.
We have spent more against time to create a solid base of products to generate a good SEO for the site of our client.
We also took the trouble to write articles like this to talk about the wooden chalet sales site to
Talk website

For the creation of the logo, we left on form recalling the mountains and nature and colors reminiscent of wood and earth. We created our house logo design wood very quickly on the creative engine logo "".

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