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How to write a well-referenced content?

Content is the phase of referencing the longest. Having good content, easily accessible and easy to read by the intended clients is paramount.
Some obvious tricks sometimes, but not always followed will help you write quality content for your readers. These points are to follow the beginning of the creation of your website.

Control the amount of text on your pages

A page at need a minimum of contained for weight in your SEO. In particular your home page.
To find out if we wrote enough content on a page, calculate the ratio of text/ code of his page. That is the number of characters used in your content divided by the number of characters used in the source code of your HTML.
page Of course when you create your website, we can not calculate this ratio head. This is why there are sites that automatically calculate this ratio for you.
If you have created your website with Webgenie, you can check this ratio in the "SEO" in your account.

Structure your pages and your articles

Each page, as each section of your website must be structured so that the reading of the more enjoyable drive. Avoid too large text blocks which will escape your customers who are generally quite lazy when it comes to reading.
Each page should contain a level 1 title (title level: Very large on Webgenie). then the level Subtitle 2
your paragraphs Feel free not to to bold the important concepts of each paragraph . Thus a customer lazy, but still interested in your text will have only the parties in bold reading for a summary of your page.

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Always keep in mind the keywords on which you want to be referenced

When writing the content of your website, it is important to regularly return keywords you are targeting while remaining very consistent in your words . Do not hesitate to repeat, but be careful not to fall into excessive! Your texts must always be pleasant to read.

Enhance your image pages

Too much content on a page can discourage your readers . Structure your texts paragraph by putting picture allow better readability.
You can find your images in Free image databases on the Internet. It is not advisable to take your images directly into Google images, without knowing if they are Royalty Free.
Our websites creation engine automatically puts more than 7,000 royalty-free images. To select, go in the "Media" after opening the selection of an image.

Make your pages accessible

The reader should not have too many clicks to get from your home page to access your content. It is important to link your pages together with other . Feel free to put links to other articles already write when you write the content. Thus, a player will navigate from page to page, without having to delve into the site. Again, we must not fall into excess.
When you link, prefer short sentences rather than "reading" or "Learn more" . Your link must contain a few words about the page it points to.

Do you talk about the web

Make mention your website on other websites saves you a lot of points in SEO. So if specialized blogs in your field talking about you, forums, question/ answer you cite, climb quickly in the rankings defined by Google.
Do not hesitate to contact sites that are successors to talk about you to know you from them.
Share publications you post on your Facebook page so that users who follow you regularly visit your site.

Difficulties ? Consult with a SEO agency!

Our partner href="" Optimize 360 ​​Agency seo SEO can guide you in the SEO of your website.

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