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How to add a downloadable document?

To enable the download of a PDF can be a plus for a showcase site. However, we can not accommodate documents confidential and sometimes large customer.

To add a downloadable document, follow these steps:

Host your document to Google Drive

- Go to< br/> - Click on "New" in the top left and then "import a file (image 1).
- After importing the file, right-click the file, and click "Share." (Image 2)
- Then in the window that opens, click "Get shareable link" in the upper right of this window. (Picture 3)

nouveau document

Image 1

selectionner document

Image 2

partager document

Image 3

Add link to your page

créer lien

- Add a text block
- Select some text to transform
link - Click the 8 overturned in the range of formatting options
text - Paste the link (click right and paste) into the "URL"
- Click the "Target" tab and choose "New window" for the document opens in a new tab


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