How to develop sales of its Website?

Looking to create a website or simply to develop to boost your sales of products and services?
Decrypt the stepper business levers offered today to develop your digital sales ...

How to boost the turnover of your website online?

1. Have a website

The B.A.BA is actually to have taken the step to become visible on the Internet. For this, the platforms as Webgenie greatly facilitate life today. Right?
With a few clicks, you can have visibility on the Internet and start attracting new potential customers. Finally that's the theory ...
In fact, just having a website is the foundation of your home. It will then go up the walls and roof. You follow me ?

2. Create content

Once your website created (preferably with a strategically chosen domain name as href="" www.technique-of-sale .com for a business training site), you will then create content to increase the chances of attracting traffic. How to proceed?

a) descriptive Pages/ sales pages
You can start by creating a product catalog with presentation pages for each of your products or services, or sales pages if you have a purely e-commerce activity. Pretty simple to start, right?
With a web page by product or service, it already ensures a minimum of content on your website. And if it is well written and optimized for search engines, so it makes many entry points on your website (on keywords strategically selected again).

b) Content Marketing
The step after that is writing content to educate your market and all of your visitors. What does this mean?
This simply means "put in place of its potential customers" and write content meant to answer questions that arise during the purchase cycle ...
Today's consumer is always information upstream of making a purchase. For this, it will type a series of keywords or a question directly in Google. You understand?
The objective of relevant content strategy is to position your content at the top of search engines for your potential customers find you easily and begin to perceive the value of your advice.

To write your content, ask yourself then:

  • What do my customers need?
  • What are the problems they seek to address?
  • How will they use the product or service?
  • What should they be careful in their purchase?
  • What are the common problems (they can avoid)?
  • etc.
Now that you understand how to attract visitors to your site and Internet-generated demand, we have to capture this demand!

3. Convert visitors into qualified leads

There are a lot of digital strategies for turning visitors into qualified leads:

  • Download white paper on a specific topic
  • behavioral scoring based on actions on the site
  • retargeting visitors via paid advertising
  • etc.
The goal remains the same: to segment visitors and provide the right information/ the right product to the right person at the right time to maximize sales!

4. Conduct marketing activities targeted ultras

Unless you have an E-commerce business mass based on low value-added products that sell themselves, there are always commercial actions to take to increase sales. You want examples?
Here are some ultras targeted commercial actions that would turn more visitors into customers:

  • Recontact by phone/ email in case of abandonment of basket
  • Proposal targeted marketing based on browsing history
  • Additional Sale/ cross based on purchase history
  • Prospecting BtoB phone via behavioral scoring based on visits made on the website
  • etc.
And in that context, it can be extremely wise to focus on the development of your business skills and those of your team (if you have a sales force).
An effective website, coupled with a professional commercial approach and structured , will dramatically increase sales!

The rate of transformation between a simple e-commerce business and an online business with human intervention (valid commercial intelligence) range from simple to triple. This is why more and more Internet giants include the intervention of a sales team in the overall sales cycle .

You also want to expand your business efficiency and your economic performance? Discover this unique solution in its kind of business training online with accompaniment coaching (+-face: optional )!

Tips to develop its website

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