création de site de restaurant

Create a website for your restaurant

These days, more and more people are using internet to order their food. There are even platforms such as Deliveroo, foodarena etc. who offer to pick up your order at your favorite restaurant and deliver your order to your home. All this without you ailliez moving from your couch!

Having a web presence is a sign of modernity and professionalism. This reassures your customers and also allows you to show them a preview of the style of cuisine you offer, your menu and your business.

To increase your orders and to meet this demand, it is important for you, as a restaurant to have a website to present your restaurant, your products (recipe, menu, etc.). It is also important to your site with an e-commerce system that allows your customers to order online so they can order in advance and/ or be delivered at home.

How to structure your restaurant site

First, it is important that your navigation is clear, visible and uncluttered. Do not add unnecessary items, simple stand: Home, About, Menu, Prices, for example. Arriving on the home page it imperative need your customers to see essential information: what's your style of cooking, what are your rates, how much cost a breakfast, lunch, or is your restaurant. All this information is very important and will be decisive in the choice of your client. More information is clear, concise, more you will attract the attention of your customers. The layout of the model demonstrates this aspect.

créer un site design

The atmosphere of your restaurant site

It is essential that your homepage reflects the atmosphere of your restaurant. It is therefore important that you put the pictures of the inside and outside so you potential customers can feel the energy that clears your restaurant. Do not hesitate to put the same types of clutter decorations on your website as your restaurant to make a point with your business.

Do not wait for your customers leave your site

Today, thanks to simple and practical systems, it is possible for your customers to make an online reservation. You gave the envy, why stop there! give them even more motivation by giving them the opportunity to book online. It is important that your online booking system is at the top of your site, where it will be visible. This module is useful because it allows your customers to make the first move and also indicate the location they wish to have, the number of people who will be present at the table, they need a chair baby, etc. The reservation system is also a great tool for promotion. You can easily add information about the specials, special offers, etc.

Wait no longer, create a website for your restaurant now

The cons, is an example of site built with The delights of Wagtail in Bonneval sur Arc .

Other tips to your restaurant site

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