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The importance of a website

When you go shopping, you stop in front of the window to admire the latest collections? Website ? It's the same thing, it is made to be seen! But this is not his only quality, explanation ... This powerful tool communicates the activities of an organization with the main purpose to increase its visibility potential clients, members or curious.

The website hides other functions as it can diversify by matchmaking platform, sale support, but also computer data manager.

Take the example of a company with a website to develop. Here are the benefits:

- A business card for the company
- A permanent advertising and detailed
- An increased credibility

The importance of good visibility on the web

Imagine prepare to go out on a Saturday night in the evening. You choose carefully your clothes and trendy accessories to be on top, you forge your reputation and your identity. There is the prey you covet except that ... well, the competition happens to be huge. Every detail counts and differentiates you from others. You will earn his eyes and probably more. The visibility on the web, it is similar. If you SHAPED your communication materials with quality content, your visibility will increase because people will talk especially if you distinguish in the competition. Today the network is essential to climb and come forward. The more you get out, the more you know. You see, it was not difficult to understand.

seo pour les sites

The owner, SEO fee

The rapid evolution of IT, specifically the web represents a lever for business. By mixing marketing, web marketing has its own terms. We have specific strategies related: one of the most important, the SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

What is SEM?

Marketing search engine integrates 3 presences: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and SMO (Social Media Optimization). The SEM advantage of queries to search engines to be visible to the maximum.

SEO or the owner (natural):

SEO is built before the launch of a website because the content must be unique and contain the keyword trend. Google Analytics or Google trends are two essential analysis tools. This qualitative content will appear on 1 SERP (Search Engine Result Page 1).

SEA or paid search:

Paid search refers to commercial links or advertising on searching engines. According to the company's business and its target, pay campaign is not the same. Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are two major players in the SEA. On Google AdWords, companies pay to click and find themselves on the SERP 1 with the annotation "announcement". Thanks to its popularity, Facebook has developed an algorithm to post advertisements by target profiles.


The SMO includes several techniques and actions dedicated to the development of the visibility of an organization through social networks.

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