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Create an e-commerce site

You can now create websites with Ecommerce Webgenie.

For this, go to the list of available themes, and click the Ecommerce tab.
Choose the theme that fits you best and get started!
As a reminder, a theme is fully customizable, feel free to edit or delete the items that do not suit you.

Once your website created, first learn the basics of information such as the logo, headlines, texts hospitality ...

Once all the information entered, click "my products" and create different categories for your products. The categories will generate lists of products according to a given category.
To create a new category, click the "Create Folder".

After creating your categories, select one of them and click "Create a product." Select a model and complete its existing product information (price, stock, image ...).

Once all the information entered, you can go to the page editor or you will find all the information specific to your product. You can lay out your page as a standard page of your site.
You get additional modules specific to managing a product from the list of available modules (eg Button add to cart, stock ...).

Can I create a mobile app?

You can create responsives websites, but no true mobile applications. For mobile application creation , please see our partner.

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