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The basics of SEO

Have a good SEO is the most important for a website. But you can not be first on all keywords you want.
There are several rules to follow if we want to maximize his chances of being in the first on Google.

Determine the right keywords

Before you write the contents of its website, it is important to think about a set of keywords where users can find us by typing these words on search engines.

For example, ideally, a real estate company in Nice would be present on the following keywords:

- Buying a house/ apartment

- Rent a house/ apartment

- Buying a house/ apartment in Nice

- Rent a house/ apartment in Nice

- Real estate agency in Nice

- Selling apartment in Nice

However, do not dream! For example, to successfully position itself in the first page of Google on the first two keywords must be an expert SEO. There's a lot of competition in the common keywords.

By cons, it will be easier to position on keywords related to its geographical location. Our agency will therefore seek to position themselves on "Buy a house in Nice," but also with the different towns around Nice.

It is very important when its keywords are determined to ask the question, "What I would type on Google?"

The SEO Engine Webgenie lets you know which words that go back more on each of your pages

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Fill tags Titles and Descriptions

The title tags and descriptions are present in the source code, but not visible on the page. They are used by search engines to display their results . Thus all the texts that you see on Google by searching texts are actually present in these two tags.
These tags are very important and must follow some rules:
- The title tag should not exceed 65 characters
- The description tag should not exceed 160 characters
- They should contain your keywords while remaining understandable for
Internet - They must all have custom text

Our site creation tool lets you easily change the title and description tags each of your pages in the section referencing your account.

Write content

The content matter much. Each page should have a minimum of content. This minimum is defined by the ratio Text/ HTML . This is the ratio between your text and the code that makes up your website. It must at least be greater than 10%, ideally between 15% and 20%.
Your content should contain your keywords, but naturally, without much repeat. It is also important to regularly create content (3 items/ weeks) to give importance to your site in the eyes of search engines.
For this, feel free to create articles every event you belong. It is important to post your achievements along with a description along and keep your customers the latest innovations and technology in your business even if you do not practice ...

Webgenie lets you page through SEO in your account to know the ratio of text/ code of each of your pages.

Optimize image

You should know that one in three Internet to a site when it takes more than 3 seconds to be displayed. In order for the site to load quickly, it is necessary that the weight of each of your pages is small.
The images are the elements that weigh heaviest in loading a page a website. It is important not to put too large pictures. It is therefore recommended to resize images to the format in which they will be displayed and preferably use the format .jpg less bulky than the .png format.
The images have an "alt" attribute that allows to name the picture in case it no longer exists. This attribute should always be filled to avoid being penalized by search engines.

Webgenie you can change the Alt attribute of your images easily in publishing them. It also warns if you forget to inquire. In addition, our Web site creation tool online resizes and optimizes all your pictures automatically. Thus, unlike other website creation tools, you can put your images without rework, Webgenie takes care of everything.

Being present on social networks

It is important to create a Facebook page and Twitter for your business. Being present on social networks in a small impact on your SEO.

Be patient !

Rome was not built in a day! For SEO to be visible, it usually wait months! That is to say regularly create content without seeing immediate increase in your number of visits. But little by little, you will have more visits.

Follow your number of visitors to Webgenie within the statistical category.

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